At Erin Gerald, ROI drives everything we do.  We believe technology is a means to an end: achieving your business goal. Once we understand your business goal, we bring together expertise in Branding, Technology Strategy, User Experience Design, Web/Mobile Development, and Social Media to create solutions that help you realize that goal: whether its increasing sales, building brand loyalty, improving customer service, or increasing employee efficiency.

Building And Sustaining Brands

Today’s ever-changing technology landscape has empowered customers in new ways, leaving businesses struggling to adapt to the increasing expectations of their tech-savvy customers.

For over a decade, our team has been delivering innovative solutions that have help companies like yours launch products, increase sales, engage customers, build brand loyalty, improve customer service, and collaborate with partners.

All of our engagements begin with gaining a clear understanding of your brand and stakeholders: both external and internal. This understanding provides helpful context for the engagement and its role in building, sustaining, augmenting, or aligning with existing brand activities. We then work closely with your team to define a strategy for realizing your business goals in a way that aligns with your brand and integrates with complementary brand marketing, messaging, and communications efforts that may be underway.

Strategy Requires Insight

Formulating effective strategies requires creativity, experience, and insight, and our seasoned team of professionals has over 160 years of experience delivering mission-critical, market-facing solutions across a wide range of industries including:

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Cosmetics
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • High-Tech
  • Hospitality
  • Non-Profit
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Professional Services
  • Retail
  • Transportation

We have also worked with companies of various sizes from Startups to Fortune 500 companies to Public Sector organizations.  This broad experience gives us insight into the market dynamics and business challenges you are likely facing and helps us quickly deliver solutions to meet your unique needs.

In each engagement, we collaborate with you to understand your unique business objectives, and work together to identify options for leveraging technology to support and realize those business goals.  We begin by defining the strategic context, goals, and success criteria – setting the stage for solutions that will devlier tangible business value for you.

We partner with you to identify options for leveraging technology to realize your business goals.

Our broad experience with companies in many industries pursuing a wide range of internal and market-facing business initiatives enables us to effectively partner with you in developing and executing pragmatic technology strategies.

We Start With The End In Mind

The value of technology solutions that yield high user adoption and engagement is quite powerful.Services-Design-II

When skillfully executed, user experience design leads to high user adoption which is central to achieving true business value in any mobile or web development project.

Despite the numerous advancements in technology in recent years, the success of an application still hinges on whether users believe the application is useful, usable, and efficient. User Experience Design focuses on the ultimate users of an application and brings this critical perspective to bear on software design, ensuring that the business value associated with a given application is realized.  For internal solutions, business benefits include increased productivity, efficiency, and ROI. For market-facing solutions, business benefits include increased customer engagement, conversion, and retention rates.

Helping you obtain those benefits is the central goal of our approach to User Experience Design. We focus on all dimensions of User Experience and mobilize skilled resources in 8 key Experience Design disciplines (UX Strategy, User Research, Content Design, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Visual Design, Development, and Production Management) to realize this goal.

Execution Is Key

The best strategies and designs mean nothing without effective execution. Our team has successfully delivered breakthrough CIOMagazine-Bold100-Awardsolutions for dozens of companies from small projects to complex multi-million dollar projects involving cross-functional teams and external partners. Our team’s web development work has been recognized by industry awards such as the prestigious CIO Magazine Bold 100 Award which recognized projects that took big risks, but also reaped big rewards. Further, our team is fluent in proven web technologies that provide reliable performance and consistent experiences for our clients.

Annually, organizations spend millions of dollars on custom-developed software, yet more than 60% of the features delivered are either rarely used or never used!

Our approach avoids this dilemma by quickly framing high-level features up front and leading your team through a structured prioritization process that identifies the most critical features. We then work with you to scope and execute a series of rapid development cycles that enable your team to “test drive” the software during each cycle and adjust the scope of future development cycles. This flexibility, transparency, and ongoing re-prioritization of features helps ensure that only critical and useful features are included in the final product – thus increasing the likelihood of high adoption among internal or external users.

Mobile Device Adoption Is Exploding

Mobile device adoption is exploding, as smartphones, tables, and wearables permeate every facet of our livesServices-MobileDev.  As these devices are driving a substantial share of brand interactions, content consumption, and commerce transactions, businesses today must have an online presence that effectively supports mobile devices as well as a mobile application strategy that delivers uniquely useful experiences on these devices.

This means going well beyond just ensuring that your site can display on a mobile device to optimizing the user experience of your site on a mobile device.  At Erin Gerald we specialize in Responsive Web design, which delivers optimized computer and mobile experiences via a single website, simplifying administration and maintenance, and reducing the total cost of ownership of our solutions.

Native mobile applications are also essential elements of many business initiatives ranging from customer engagement, WebbyAwardconversion, and service delivery to workforce productivity and customer support.  Our team is skilled in developing native mobile applications for the iOS and Android platforms which currently dominate the market.  We realize that these mobile apps are often part of a much larger picture which may include social media engagement initiatives, marketing campaigns, integration with enterprise systems, or enterprise software deployments to employees and we work closely with your team to ensure alignment and benefits realization.  Further, our team’s work in the mobile space has been recognized by a 2016 Best Mobile App Award nomination for Best Lifestyle App and two International Webby Awards in 2011 for Integrated Mobile Experience and Shopping on a Handheld Device.

Putting The Pieces Together

Given the continued strong adoption of the Internet, the rapid growth of smartphone & tablet technology, and the Services-WebDevincreasing importance of social media in customers’ purchasing decisions, the intersection between business strategy, the web, mobile technology, and social media is quite powerful. Connecting these four elements in a cohesive solution can have a game-changing impact on an organization’s competitive positioning, business growth, and customer loyalty.

At Erin Gerald we have the design and development expertise to help your team “connect these dots”, yielding a broad range of benefits from breakthrough market-facing solutions that delight your customers to efficient internal solutions that streamline business processes and boost staff productivity. Our skilled and experienced team works closely with you to find opportunities to leverage these dynamic forces to introduce innovation with the goal of delighting your customers, empowering your employees, and differentiating you from your competition.

Stand Out.

Bring a new dimension to your Web and Mobile initiatives.
Put over 160 years of development expertise to work for your business today.