Getting From Point A to Point B Just Got Easier!

Getting From Point A to Point B Just Got Easier!

Today, Erin Gerald launched PIN – a new mobile app looking to greatly simplify the mobile GPS space.

A 2015 Pew Research Center study showed that 90% of people use some form of GPS navigation on their smartphones*, but there still isn’t a good app to store and organize the places people need and want to visit.

Newtown, PA. – March 8, 2016 – PIN hits the App Store today with iPhone and Apple Watch apps looking to fill a key void in the mobile GPS navigation space… but it’s not what you’d think. They didn’t build a better GPS algorithm… in fact, they didn’t even try. What they did is greatly simplify the process of storing and finding the places we’re all trying to get to and seamlessly tie that into an existing navigation system for driving, public transportation, and walking directions.

“Before building any piece of software, we always ask ourselves: is this a compelling problem faced by a lot of people, and is technology the right answer to that problem?”, said Wilson Toussaint, President & CEO of Erin Gerald Affiliates – the company behind PIN. “GPS technology is ubiquitous these days: on our wrists, on our smartphones, in our cars… yet there are few tools out there that make it easy to store and find the places we’re going to” said Toussaint.

Today’s process often involves looking for your destination in a search engine on your phone, then switching back and forth between a browser and a GPS app to enter the address — not fun. While some search engines provide a directions link to launch a GPS app, that still doesn’t solve the problem of saving that destination for future use (and easily finding it in the future). Enter PIN. PIN was built to fill this gap – making it easy to store and organize these destinations – and even easier to find and get to them. They also have a smartwatch app that lets you store & find these destinations and even get turn-by-turn directions – right on your wrist!

PIN is available now in the Apple App Store.

About Erin Gerald Affiliates

Founded in 2006, Erin Gerald Affiliates is a software development company whose mobile apps have been featured in the Apple App Store over 10,000 times and whose mobile games are enjoyed by thousands of players worldwide. Erin Gerald prides itself on its use of user-centered design principles to build compelling software that connects with and helps people. Erin Gerald is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware with a satellite office in Newtown, Pennsylvania.

* Source: Pew Research Center

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